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Entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of balancing multiple competing priorities pulling them in different directions. Desmond Harvey Consulting aims to take full ownership and management of his clients’ marketing so they can focus their time and energy on doing what they do best and grow their business. 

As your external marketing manager and partner, we can transform the way your company approaches marketing and sustain consistent marketing over time by applying innovative, data-driven, and comprehensive strategy in the simplest manner possible.

Let us maximize your marketing while you operate your business.

Meet Your External Marketing Manager

Desmond Harvey

Owner | Marketing Consultant

Desmond Harvey began his career in marketing with a Seattle-based marketing agency where he led the street marketing department. He’s managed marketing campaigns and initiatives for a wide range of companies, such as Lululemon, T-Mobile, Red Bull, Burton Snowboard, and the Seattle Sounders. Desmond has helped hundreds of brands execute creative and impactful campaigns around the country. 

Driven by his curiosity for other facets of marketing, Desmond has continued to expand his expertise and has helped clients in areas such as Website Development, SEO, Social Media, Branding, and more. As an entrepreneur at heart, Desmond launched Desmond Harvey Consulting and is now focused on helping other companies develop and implement effective marketing strategies. Beyond marketing, he enjoys producing music for local Seattle artists, traveling, and perfecting recipes.

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Analytics Individual Qualification​

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

Core Values

Customer First / Empathy

Every touchpoint and aspect of our services revolves around the needs of our clients. We focus on providing solutions, instead of selling specific services, and do so with an empathetic approach.


We value transparency, openness, and honesty. We are an advocate for our clients – we’ll tell the client what they need to hear even if it may be uncomfortable, This counsel is presented with kindness, empathy, and respect and is the foundation of the long-term relationships we strive to build.

Continual Improvement

We constantly raise the bar by delivering the highest quality services by striving to learn and improve our skills and expertise. Even when we need to change strategies, we learn from these experiences to better ourselves and our services.


We are only as good as our word. So to us, it’s imperative to stand by the commitments we make. We take responsibility for our work even if things don’t go as planned and we need to adjust strategies along the way.


We treat our clients’ time, money, and energy with the same respect as our own. We roll up our sleeves and find solutions to problems big or small, while leaving no stone unturned. We innovate but find the simplest solution, never being afraid to find and test new processes and solutions. 

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We offer two distinct ways to simplify your
business and help achieve your goals

We offer two distinct ways to simplify your business and help achieve your goals